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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3

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03-14-2014 02:05 PM


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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
[Update from comments 3/12/14 8:46 PM:

I wanted to provide another response to some great questions coming in:

Government- Do they know / What are the doing? I feel this shock and amazement. As if this incident was horrific, and yet unreal at the same time. I get they are trying to track this somehow with electromagnetics and heat, but it is unclear as to how, and it is unsuccessful.

Someone had mentioned to try scrying or dowsing. Those aren't skills that I have practiced, but anything is worth trying. If someone has had experience and is comfortable, go for it. It could be helpful]

[Update from comments 3/13/14 2:35 PM:

Hello everyone. I am still watching this thread closely.

I see the area in question to the southwest of what is shown on the map as the search area. The were much more off the path that they are broadcasting.

Many of asked how to come back. I cannot get a visual on that. I see them as ok, some injuries, but for the most part ok. I also get an impression that mentally something happened as they disappeared, because they "feel" accepting of their situation.]

[Update from comments 3/14/14 6:58 AM:

Thank you everyone for your comments. I enjoy reading everyone's opinion and perspective. When we come together, I feel like it increases our intuition like an amplifier. Having said that I would like to do another update.

Question: What will happen from now on?
A. We will continue to look, and even when it is out of mass media, government will be so
intrigued that they will continue to search for this. I also see some kind of a distraction coming up that will take over the media as a way to get this off the news. Government doesn't like dealing with all the questions (I see it makes them squirm). It is as if they have similar theories as this reading, but don't know how to explain it or what to do just yet when addressing the mass population.

Question: How are the passengers now?
A. They appear to be what I would call just "ok". I see huge fire on the beachy area trying to create a smoke screen. They look dirty, but appear to have water (I see sandy jugs sitting around.) It looks like after you get within the jungle part of the island there is a stream with clean water they are able to drink from and they send teams to go retrieve it. They look very tired too- sleep is the issue... Also, some of them are just angry. They are so mad they haven't been found. Others in a way accept it, and have had a peacefulness come over them.

Question: Is there any information you can provide from the list of passengers so that their relatives will know for sure you are seeing them for real?] A. I haven't looked at the list because I don't want it to effect my impressions, but I will try to get some descriptions... let me take a moment...

Ok I had some random people come into my mind
1-There was a business man, looks to be in his late 20s, and was traveling wearing a suit. When the plane landed he morphed into a leader. He took off his shirt, and is just wearing a white t-shirt with his dress pants, he found a bandanna and twisted it up and is wearing it as a headband. The distinguishing feature of him is he has a golden chain around his neck with a very unique charm. He never takes it off. (If feels like a gift and a link to someone close to him here) He also has a scar on his cheek- and I want to say it is acne related. He has a lot of survival instincts- as if in his personal life this person practiced or studied how to survive...

2-There is a guy, also in his 20s that he emerged to be "2nd in command".. What I see with him is a tattoo on his arm that looks like an upside down triangle (I felt like it had a Superman quality about it).

3-There is a woman that looks to be late 20s early 30s and there is something about her with her purse. It is like she is guarding something in her purse (food, candy, mints??). The purse had really huge metal buckles and an "expensive" feel to it. Wherever she goes, she takes this purse. I even see her walking to the edge of the jungle to use the latrine and she keeps this purse on her shoulder the whole time.

4-I see a lady who has really nervous hands. Like she is "ringing" or moving her hands all the time. I get an image of knitting or crocheting (I can't tell if she is knitting there, or this is something she does at home) but as she is doing this activity, her eyes feel rather large. She is paying attention to everything being said and everything being done. I get an intuitive sense with her (card reader?).

I also get an image of the group chewing on some leaves that have a sweet taste in the middle. I get that there are some people that are educated on herbs and plants, and understand what is safe to eat. At the edge of the jungle are these "sweet" tasting plants.]

I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.

Bermuda Triangle Reading:
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03-14-2014 02:30 PM


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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
Wow, does that mean they are still here?
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03-19-2014 06:14 AM


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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
LoP Guest  Wrote: (03-14-2014 02:30 PM)
Wow, does that mean they are still here?

Yes but they are in the past NOT the present where we are.
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03-19-2014 06:20 AM


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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3

[Updated from comments 3/15/14 at 9:55 AM:

I recently had a couple of people ask me about the Andaman Islands and Jawara Tribe... It feels even more south of that- my eye wants to look more south that that location. I do absolutely feel there is a tribe on the island, and I see them giving assistance to the missing people after a certain amount of time studying them and making sure they are not a threat.]

[Updated from comments 3/16/14 at 2:00 PM:

I wanted to do another update on some things that have come up…
First, I got an image of an Asian man that was trying to convey a message to me in a language that I couldn’t understand. He seemed frustrated that he couldn’t “talk” to me, and then he held up his hands and showed me 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 7 fingers. Does anyone know what 2-3-7 means? I couldn't get a clearer message on that.

One distinguishing thing I saw was that the gentleman trying to communicate with me had a pinky finger that was either broken, dislocated or possible deformed. It appeared to be bent oddly at the first joint, didn’t seemed painful, and looked healed over, but something noticeable.

I was then shown that the Indian tribe that inhabited the island finally “trusted” them enough to come to their aid. I see them being led in a single file line back to the village near the center of the island (and also near the foot of the mountain). I did see white paint on the Indian’s face, and it looked like the different markings distinguished who was in charge. Back to the walking single file.. They had to walk in a single file because there were certain plants (reminds me of a huge Adams Needle plant) that have a sharp pointy end that if it scratched you burned and itched. They had to be cautious walking the path.

I don’t sense fear or danger. I believe this tribe is trying to help.

To answer some questions: I don’t see anyone in the cockpit right now. I think they were led away from the beachy area last night (more like late afternoon).

I have been asked about some islands in the area: Sumatra: It feels west of that, Cocos: This area feels more right, Christmas Island: I felt the best connection with this and Cocos, Flores: This feels off to me.

I will mentally work on Paul Weeks and see what things I can connect to.]

[Updated from comments 3/17/14 at 6:22 AM:

I have been following this thread, and wanted to do another update.

I am still not sure about the numbers 2-3-7. I didn’t know the number of passengers until I continued to read my comments, but I also don’t like to make any stretches, and since there were originally 239, I can’t say this is right (It could be but I can’t confirm.)

When I focus on what timeline, I still felt they weren’t of this timeline, but in a previous time… When I mentally tried to sort how that worked, I got that for that to work what happens is their vibration (or frequency) as a whole shifts. I then got that the way to find them is to some how tune into their frequency. I was still a little unclear how to explain this, and here was the example I got- We can’t see microwaves with the naked eye without a special device because they are at a frequency that our eyes can’t “see”, well this alternate reality is also at a different frequency that we can’t see with our naked eye.

I also wanted to note that if I am able to connect with the Asian man again, I will try to phonetically write down some words and have someone help me translate. I still feel there was something significant with 2-3-7.

Paul Weeks: I did work on tuning into him. The first thing I noticed was my ear hurt, like something in my eardrum was injured. I also get this ringing in my head. What I most related to was watching a movie in which someone had a flash bomb go off and there is this silent ringing/muffled sound effect going on. I looks like something is going on with the hearing in one of his ears.

I also got this image of a leather briefcase. I actually got an angry feeling toward this case (or what it represented- like he felt like he wouldn’t be in this situation if it were for this “brief case”). Again, I was unclear if this is symbolic or actual, but he felt to guard this case, but had some mental dilemma as to why he was caring so much for it because it felt as though it meant nothing were he was now. I see him walking around this jungle area, banging it around, and using it as a seat.

(I will keep working on him and I was also contacted about a few other people)]

[Updated from comments 3/18/14 at 6:21 AM

I wanted to do another follow-up.

First, thank you everyone who is putting their energy into this. I think the more we focus, the more we collectively can pin-point this and help these people. I call this type of collective thought synergy, and together we are so much stronger.

Someone said that many people are getting and seeing different things- I think that is because things come to everyone differently because of their own personal life experiences, but what we have to do is see what is in common, or the link between it all, and that is where we will find our answers.

It came to me yesterday when I was focused on all this, and looking at my blog, that “The answers are here, right in front of me, I just need to look to see it.” The message was that the truth is there, and it may not be obvious, but it is there… I have been rehashing this over and over, and looking at comments, and I haven’t seen that moment of clarity just yet. I will not give up though- Thank you for all the comments/feedback, all of the alternate views help me to break away from my train of thought that I am on.

Having said all that, I wanted to address some specific points that people have brought up.
Poyang Lake – I get this is too north.
Java- This is a possibility, but I really feel a pull to the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island.

I was still focused on the briefcase too. There is so much anger directed toward that! I just see him banging around, hitting it on stuff, and it is so tattered. At the same time, he drags it everyone and won’t let it go. When I focus on the anger what’s in it and the anger, I see graph paper and then graphs, like a presentation. I also see what looks like blueprints to something. Then I get this anger again- It is coming through that he feels like he is where he is because of what is in the briefcase or what it symbolizes. I also keep hearing, “They did this to me, It’s their fault.”

I still stand by the numbers 2-3-7. As I was typing this it came to me to ask if anyone reading this knows sign language? I saw myself signing the alphabet (which is the only sign language I know). What are the equivalent words for holding up 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then 7 fingers? Does that symbolize numbers or does it create words?

Mr. Wan Hock Khoon- The only thing I get is that he is a very spiritual person, and he is mentor. I don’t see him as a physically strong leader, but rather a spiritual healer. I want to use the word Shaman when I focus on him. I am only seeing the energy about him, so I will keep working to try to see more.
In getting the plane back here- I am still working on that too. I just haven’t been able to connect what needs to happen before the plane can materialize here.

Thanks and I am continuing to watch this…]

I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.

Bermuda Triangle Reading:
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03-19-2014 07:07 AM

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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
Mainstream woo:

Don Lemon ‘puts it out there’: Was lost Malaysian flight taken by ‘supernatural’ forces?

By Tom Boggioni, March 17, 2014

Saying he was “just putting it out there,” CNN host Don Lemon asked his Sunday afternoon guests if something “supernatural” might be in play with the missing Malaysian flight MH 370.

After noting that he has been getting questions via email, social media, and on the street, Lemon wondered if “something beyond our understanding” might have happened to the missing airliner.

“Especially today, on a day when we deal with the supernatural,” Lemon said. “We go to church …. the supernatural power of God. People are saying to me, why aren’t you talking about the possibility — and I’m just putting it out there — that something odd happened to this plane; something beyond our understanding?”

Decoded host Brad Meltzer responded saying, “People roll their eyes at conspiracy theories, but what conspiracy theories do is, they ask the hardest, most outrageous questions sometimes. But every once in awhile they’re right.”
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03-19-2014 07:10 AM


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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
Quote:What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding.

It took off at 12:41 am and it's last known position was at 1:30 am.
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03-25-2014 02:02 AM

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Professional Psychic has responded to my question on Malaysia Airlines flight MH3
Fresh woo from the C's:

Session 22 March 2014


Q: (L) Alright, I think that's enough on that topic. I think the topic on everybody's mind is The Plane [Malaysian Airlines Flight 370]. The plane, the plane! {Fantasy Island.}(Pierre) Where is it?

A: In well of space/time lock.

Q: (L) Well, the Chinese are certain that they have located some wreckage.

A: Any "wreckage" located under the circumstances must be seen as highly questionable.

Q: (Pierre) Was it deliberate, or was it an accident?

A: Happens when bleedthrough causes confusion.

Q: (L) Confusion of what?

A: Realms and all within.

Q: (Perceval) Seems like the confusion was evident in the change in direction of the plane, and then it disappeared into a well of time and space. (Data) Are the passengers okay on the plane?

A: Depends on how you define "okay".

Q: (Perceval) Is it a similar situation to Flight 19?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) So, we have that explanation in the transcripts, what's going on with the passengers... Do any of the PTB on the planet know?

A: Of course! Why do you think there was such a comedown vis-a-vis Crimea and Russia?

Q: (L) You mean they had plans to be more aggressive and “in-their-faces”, and they... (Perceval) Why would the disappearance of the plane make them scared or make them back down? Was it "comedown", was that what was said? Like a retreat. So, basically the PTB backed down on Crimea and Russia and that whole situation because the plane disappeared and they were worried about...? (Pierre) So, if you lie too much, if you create too much chaos, like unjustified war, you might increase such a bleedthrough?

A: They have "advisors" and "interpretors" of such things.

Q: (Pierre) So the advisors said if they go on with the attack, and with lying and manipulating... (L) I don't think they would say that. (Perceval) They wouldn't spell it out. (L) I don't think that they would talk to them in those terms. (Pierre) What would they say? (L) Probably say something like, I dunno... Maybe they have some advisors and interpreters who say, "We did that, and if you don't back down, we're gonna do more!" Ya know, like threatening rather than explaining to them how to be good boys.

A: More or less.

Q: (L) I mean, we would all like to think that there would be some high and mighty power in the world that would tell the psychopaths, "Oh, if you keep creating chaos, you're gonna screw things up! You're a bad boy!" But that's not likely to happen because it would just be, ya know... (Perceval) You get into the idea of different levels of power here. People are doing the whole overt Crimea thing. And they have advisors and maybe they suspect that there's a higher power like the ones that blew up the Columbia space shuttle for Bush and stuff. They ascribe this plane incident to "them", and interpret it in some way like, "Let's back off" kind of thing. Like the way they alluded to this idea that there is a higher power that has vast technology and can influence the American government and its policies for example by sending a warning... So maybe the ones who take note of these things looked at this plane and said, "Maybe this is some kind of message to us."

A: There is likely to be a bit of interdimensional blackmail going on. How likely do you think it is for the "reality creating" US PTB to back down from their natural state of being the world's biggest bully?

Q: (Pierre) Why did those higher entities want the PTB to back down concerning Crimea and Russia?

A: They understand what the consequences are.
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