news Buzz Aldrin Developing Plan to Colonize Mars
news Mysterious Deaths and Microbiology
news 162 Page Report of Homeland Security UFO Incident in Puerto Rico (.PDF Link)
news Wal Mart Halts Selling of "Military Style" Firearms
news Mars Myths Continue To Spread 12 Years After Moon Sized Hoax
news Only in Colorado: UFO Watchtower
news Dubious Orange UFO Visits -- And Revisits -- Ohio House
news Germany Begins GMO Ban
news New England Journal of Medicine Asks FDA to Label GMO Food
news California Sinking Faster Than Thought, Aquifers Could Permanently Shrink
news New Study Offers Support for 'Telephone Telepathy'

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this is the greatest habit EVER!!!
parable fucking genius!
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04-14-2012 01:38 AM

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devil this is the greatest habit EVER!!!

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04-14-2012 01:48 AM

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RE: this is the greatest habit EVER!!!

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