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When your salad eats you ... ahhhh ! Flesh Eating Plants found in Canada
LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-14-2019 11:08 PM


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RE: When your salad eats you ... ahhhh ! Flesh Eating Plants found in Canada
Hey Ghostie, check this out for a cutsie giggle.

"World's Biggest Carnivorous Plant Catches Whole Sheep!"

The title is misleading technically - but hey - the narrator makes it funny. Funny accent to boot.
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Angel of Love from Heaven
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06-14-2019 11:19 PM

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RE: When your salad eats you ... ahhhh ! Flesh Eating Plants found in Canada
The Ghost Of LOP  Wrote: (06-14-2019 10:31 PM)
Flesh-eating pitcher plants living in a bog in Canada have for the first time been spotted regularly feasting on salamanders.

The carnivorous plant – also known as a “turtle sock plant” – was previously believed to feed almost exclusively on spiders and small insects who fell into their bell-shaped leaves and drowned in small pools of water. When researchers found creatures like rats and frogs in pitcher plants they assumed it was an accidental one-off.

However, biologists from the University of Guelph found these plants regularly devour young spotted salamanders, which they can digest in less than two weeks.

Actually they should feed the plants with pizza or something to save the small little poor creatures.

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