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Vindman admission shocks the crowd…
He Man
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11-20-2019 08:02 PM

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RE: Vindman admission shocks the crowd…
The Big Highlights From Gordon Sondland’s Opening Statement

"Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland substantially shifted his testimony to point the finger for the Ukraine pressure campaign at President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, flipping the onetime Trump donor from a participant in the effort to pressure Kyiv into manufacturing political dirt into a key witness in the impeachment inquiry.

Sondland’s Wednesday opening statement to the House Intelligence Committee provides more detail – and more text messages – that lay bare the President’s role in using American foreign policy for his own personal political benefit.

Here are key highlights from his testimony.

Sondland points the finger at Trump
Trump ordered Sondland and his two other “amigos” – Ukraine Special Envoy Kurt Volker and Energy Secretary Rick Perry – to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal attorney. Contrary to earlier testimony in which he suggested that the pressure campaign was innocuous, Sondland now says that had he known of Rudy’s “dealings or of his associations with individuals now under criminal indictment, I would not have acquiesced to his participation.”

Sondland has receipts
Sondland revealed new WhatsApp messages and emails.

Those, he said, quote from “certain State Department emails and messages that provide contemporaneous support for my view.” The records show that White House, National Security Council and State Department leadership were “informed about the Ukraine efforts” beginning in late May, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Sondland kept Pompeo in the loop on the effort to extort Ukraine for investigations
Sondland released emails and text messages showing that he informed Pompeo of the status of the pressure campaign on Ukraine.

Namely, Sondland released an Aug. 11 email he sent to Ulrich Brechbuhl, Pompeo, and another State Department staffer in which he said that “Kurt and I negotiated a statement from Ze[lensky] to be delivered for our review in a day or two.”

This refers to a statement on investigations that the Ukrainian leader was set to issue, but never did.

Another case took place before the September Warsaw meeting between Zelensky and top Trump Administration officials. Sondland told Pompeo in an Aug. 22 email that the Ukrainian leader planned to look Trump “in the eye and tell him that once Ukraine’s new justice folks are in place,” Ukraine could “move forward.” After that conversation, Sondland testified, Kyiv could then “break the logjam” of issues that were important to Trump and the US. Pompeo replied “yes” to Sondland."


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RE: Vindman admission shocks the crowd…
They offered Vindman the job because they knew his loyalties were to Israel-aligned Ukraine, that his loyalty was to Israel first, and that he would work to ensure that the Ukraine would remain in Israel's orbit of controlled countries.
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