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book recommendations
prosthetic brain
apothegmatic equanimity
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11-22-2019 08:31 PM

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RE: book recommendations
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-22-2019 06:31 PM)
Here is another one for you to check out, as you seem to like your spiritual books, although you may have already read it as it's regarded as one of the 100 most important spiritual books of the 20th century, so is quite well known.

Paramhansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi.

might get around to this one

daersoulkeeper  Wrote: (11-22-2019 07:58 PM)
Passport to magonia

will probably read that

[Image: no_image_8.jpg]
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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11-22-2019 09:43 PM


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RE: book recommendations
I read three books this month. Darkness by Design, Surveillance Capitalism, and Empty Planet.

Darkness by Design explains why 90% of the stock trades used to be on the NYSE but now only 12% of the stocks are traded there. The trades have been taken into darkness which would also be a good title for the book if it wasn't the title of a star trek movie.

The author paints the picture of a happy and ethical NYSE where specialists and floor traders made an orderly market and played by the rules. But along came the big boys who didn't have a majority because each seat had one vote and they took the NYSE public and became the majority shareholders and then began to grab chunks of the trading for their won dark pools.

Some dark pools like IEX offer "shark protection" as a marketing gimmick. They boast a "speed bump" which is 28 miles of fiber optic cable on a spool that trade information has to run through before it gets out to the high frequency traders (HFTs) to slow down their front running and spooking and stuffing.

The process of increasing the number and darkness of the markets is called "market fragmentation".

The author's view is that the NYSE provided a much more ethical trading environment than the dark fragments where chicanery is hidden and the sharks swim taking chunks out of pension plans and institutional accounts that trade there.

The HFTs in their need for speed are using microwave links because the air is faster than fiber optics. And they are building a giant tower in London to receive laser beams from New York because light travels faster through the atmosphere than in the undersea fiber cables giving them a few milliseconds in which to front run the slower fiber users.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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11-22-2019 09:54 PM


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RE: book recommendations
Surveillance Capitalism explains why your Roomba is spying on you. Its so that iRobot can sell your floor plan to google.

This book which has been described as the "Silent Spring" of the information industry exposes the true self of the nerdocrats that pretend to be simply geek geniuses making your life better through apps but actually more like the corner drug pusher giving free samples to get you hooked so that your entire life's information can be extracted. Alqways pretending to be seeking solutions or investigation or feigned concern for your privacy their stock in trade is your private data and they will do anything to get more of it to sell to god knows who in what country.

It hit me a few years ago when my Pizza Hut app asked for permission to access my camera. WTF? But somewhere hidden in that user agreement on page 334 you give permission to record your phone calls, look at your pictures, track where you are all ostensibly for sale to a corporation that makes things you might like or some communist country intelligence agency all the same.

The book advocates the reclaiming of our privacy and digital commons although very little is said about the censorship imposed by the digital fuhrers over say conservatives speech labelled as hate speech or conspiracy. It does mention the rotation of Obamite staffers in and out of the Obama administration between the high tech firms.

They are a little more savvy in Europe about their privacy imposing numerous fines and law giving the right to be forgotten and even blocking the google earth vans from driving through cities and stealing your wifi and taking pictures of your stuff.

Probably one of the most important books of the decade.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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11-22-2019 10:02 PM


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RE: book recommendations
Empty Planet explains that the problem is not overpopulation but underpopulation. Although it never explains why having fewer people would be bad it strongly recommends immigration to solve the problem. I guess the best argument raised is that since the government stole the social security trust fund that more young will be needed to support the old people because there won't be as many young people.

But don't need to worry about global warming or climate change or running out of food because the earth is set for a massive depopulation.

The UN model says we will peak in 2100 at 11 billion but the authors believe it will be more like 2060 at 9 billion.

Why is the earth depopulating? Well its simple. Women are having fewer babies. Feminism, economics, birth control, careers are reducing the number of babies below replacement levels. Urbanization is a key factor but in Brazil soap operas play a big role.

At this point some African countries and arab countries and Israel are still pumping out babies at well above replacement levels. But the authors believe that will change as urbanization increases in Africa.

So now instead of worrying about overpopulation we can start worring about underpopulation.
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