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Trump's Census Bureau nominee quizzed on ID'ing of noncitizens, as Dems fear majo
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10-04-2018 06:15 AM

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wall Trump's Census Bureau nominee quizzed on ID'ing of noncitizens, as Dems fear majo
Although the White House has said the 2020 census will inquire about residents' citizenship status, President Trump's nominee to oversee the Census Bureau on Wednesday avoided senators' questions on the matter.

The issue has ignited months of debate, as Democrats claim a citizenship question would scare illegal immigrants and lead many to avoid participating in the census. Because the number of congressional seats awarded to each district in the House of Representatives is currently determined by population totals provided by census results -- citizens and noncitizens -- Democrats fear the Trump administration's change will dramatically cut into their representation in Congress.

If confirmed, Steven Dillingham will oversee the once-a-decade census that determines only congressional apportionment, but also how hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenue are distributed. Dillingham appeared before a Senate panel Wednesday.

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., tried to get Dillingham to weigh in, saying that citizens in “Montana should have more of a say in Washington, D.C., than illegal immigrants harboring in sanctuary cities across the country." But the nominee responded: “I have no plans to voice an opinion on that question.”


If you are not a citizen then you shouldn't be allowed to vote plain and simple. They also need to incorporate ID verification at the voting polls. Sick of these illegal aliens having the same rights as REAL citizens do. This sh*t needs to stop ASAP!! If you are here sucking on the tit of America and are not a citizen, then you don't f*cking vote!!!
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10-04-2018 06:17 AM


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RE: Trump's Census Bureau nominee quizzed on ID'ing of noncitizens, as Dems fear majo
Yeah, send the next one over. Actually let them Census in Opa Locka.chuckle

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