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What do they rEally want with hiM!!!
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Yesterday 12:36 PM


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RE: What do they rEally want with hiM!!!
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-03-2019 07:42 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (10-25-2018 02:09 AM)
They can't handle Him OP


..."The CIA fully knew that Congress was about to pull the reins in on them. Richard Nixon was in trouble for Watergate, which was a CIA covert operation, where they were bugging the Democrats to gain information to use to attack the Democrats with during the next election. Richard Nixon's brother had been busted running the drugs. They needed a new Federal agency that could conduct all of these covert operations under cover of law. They also needed a reason to monitor the general population in investigations to remove political witnesses and other threats. The only kind of investigations that could be conducted against large numbers of people in the United States was drug investigations. They now also had these devices to where they would soon be able to monitor, torture, and control the American People with them.

They then had the DEA formed as a covert operation of the CIA, and then they transferred these people into this newly formed Federal agency to conduct these and other operations using the cover of law. Now there could never be another Watergate because CIA operations like this would be conducted under the protection of court warrants under the cover of law as drug investigations. No one could bust them for the drugs because they were Federal agents operating under cover of law. Now they could run the drugs and conduct the investigations against the American people under the cover of law.

The DEA in the files we had was formed is an American Gestapo. All political witnesses could also now be removed using the new devices like the ones that are now in my neck. They no longer needed to pay people to fix fights, sports games, horse races, dog races, the Kentucky Derby, or for any of the other reasons they had been doing this. Now with these devices this could all be done remotely and electronically in drug investigations by injecting the horses, dogs or people with the devices and directly controlling them using torture as a form of mind control. This was always authorized under the warrants issued by the court in investigations.

Now witnesses like myself could be removed under the total protection of the law using fabricated and sometimes real drug investigations against them. The DEA now had the authority to gas people in the middle of the night and set them up for photo sessions without their knowledge under the protection of the law. They could also remove these people from their houses in the middle of the night for interrogations and photo sessions without their knowledge or consent, and these people would have no memory that any of this ever took place. Now the DEA could also continue the biological weapons research and genetic engineering experiments on people without their knowledge or consent and install monitoring devices in them to monitor their research."...

DEA is CIA human experimentation.....mind control patsies, stooges....create the crime problem, create the police state solution....use police state as a mafia-political gestapo to steal.

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Yesterday 02:11 PM


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RE: What do they rEally want with hiM!!!
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-25-2019 04:21 PM)
What ever they really want they can't get, I heard he has the whole force of nature at his disposal! chuckle

..."In the mechanisms we have been discussing, the individual overcomes the feeling of insignificance in comparison with the overwhelming power of the world outside himself either by renouncing his individual integrity, or by destroying others so that the world ceases to be threatening.

Other mechanisms of escape are the withdrawal from the world so completely that it loses its threat (the picture we find in certain psychotic states 1), and the inflation of oneself psychologically to such an extent that the world outside becomes small in comparison. Although these mechanisms of escape are important for individual psychology, they are only of minor relevance culturally. I shall not, therefore, discuss them further here, but instead will turn to another mechanism of escape which is of the greatest social significance.

This particular mechanism is the solution that the majority of normal individuals find in modern society. To put it briefly, the individual ceases to be himself; he adopts entirely the kind of personality offered to him by cultural patterns; and he therefore becomes exactly as all others are and as they expect him to be. The discrepancy between "I" and the world disappears and with it the concious fear of aloneness and powerlessness. This mechanism can be compared with the protective colouring some animals assume. They look so similar to their surroundings that they are hardly distinguishable from them. The person who gives up his individual self and becomes an automaton, identical with millions of other automatons around him, need not feel alone and anxious any more. But the price he pays, however, is high; it is the loss of his self."...
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RE: What do they rEally want with hiM!!!

Why do men seek to be gods?

How men can think themselves as gods over others is beyond my understanding...

Drawing inspirations from others is how we grow.

Thinking about thinking.

the unexamined thought is not worth thinking. billions of neurons following the least path of resistance. this means not everything works logically. the skills of logic and critical thinking are skills learned to balance out our emotions. and it takes practice. our memories are flawed, we take mental short cuts, and use (heuristics) mental patterns to following lines of thought.

how to compensate for our flawed mental cognition? Use systematic doubt; skepticism. Question everything you think you know. Basing beliefs on actual evidence. Are our conclusions reliable. A positive set of methods for examining reality. find the conclusions that are actually true. even science can turn pseudo. science is just a methodology to find what is true. sometimes, even the method itself is flawed.

What does it mean to actually know something. natural effects have natural causes. magical thinking does not work in a scientific environment. sometimes delusion can take over. inventing new realities or getting swept up in the beliefs of others. each of at this point seems to be one neuron in a collective. grouping and cohesion takes place at this point. like beliefs sticking with like believers. viral claims with a smidgen of truth can cause further confusion for the whole. false claims run rampant across the board.

investing emotion into a conclusion can cause one to twist facts and logic to suit an argument. Fact twisting to suit a given theory is done on a massive scale especially in the media. It invests in a 'scientific process to spread with the speed of electrons. Capturing 'credulous ideas and making them 'real'.

Influencers are marketing claims using persuasive speech to sell anything. Pseudo scientific claims are presented with grandiose ethos (experts) to give it weight. Compelling anecdotes go a long way in convincing any claim.

What is critical thinking?

examine all the facts, what is assumption, examine the logic, is it biased, be aware of your and others motivations. what are the implications of a belief and always check with others. Our individual claims are limited. when a large consensus takes place for a common 'golden' belief (even if its a biased) means you've at least achieved thinking and emotional patterns that step outside of just yourself. This is a positive... this point I'm thinking a group - any group - now has to look inside critically and step outside of itself. They might just find they're inside another box filled with a whole new set of hierarchical rules and process'. Even groups can be flawed in their own critical thinking skills. No one can be 'right all the time. Influencers have their own special skills to plug into any 'market'.

It's important to know your own limits. Question those too. Be comfortable with uncertainty.

The ego has been known to lie and fool the self...

It's OK to say I don't know.

[Image: animated-chicken-image-0128.gif]Chicken Something
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Today 12:19 AM


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RE: What do they rEally want with hiM!!!
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-09-2019 01:29 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-30-2019 11:47 AM)

I know this target, and.....he is not a joiner to a cult

Very alone....independent...quite suspicious of anyone's fake smile and bogus tyranny of good intention.

He's against cruelty, control, secrecy, apostasy, scheming......he's an American against Communism and Fascism.

He is no God, or delusional grandiose type.

He knows the difference between right and wrong

Charity, Hope, Faith, Love, Fairness.

He does not exploit, he tries to edify and liberate and sew seeds of tolerance.

He saw a man begging for alms he donated 9$ through a car window.

Today's Tom Sawyer warms his heart by giving stuff away to the needy.

He would be an apostasy to any cult.

..."But don't be too eager to sign up. The goal of a satanic cult is to compromise, exploit and destroy its members."...

..."The Messiah is what Christians call "Satan"... And what people who lack religious beliefs like me know as Communism. One World Government in which they enslave humanity is something like Communism.

Sadly, we are heading towards global communism faster than most of us are even aware. Only that this time the Gulags won't be just in Siberia and the former USSR - their previous Zionist creation...

Just Beware, Trump and Putin are both Chabad members and Freemasons! "...

..."A spectre haunts the democratic nations -- the spectre of TECHNOFASCISM. All the powers of the espionage empire and the scientific establishment have entered into an unholy alliance to evoke this spectre: Psychiatrist and spy, Dulles and Delgado, microwave specialists and clandestine operators."...

The police state can stop ALL CRIME anytime the NSA wants to: they've been operational since 1986...????!!!!!.

Police state will not stop drugs for decades???!!!!

Selfishness as public service: profiteering, opportunism, conformity, Groupthink scapegoating.

..."One can easily imagine people in the future wearing self-stimulating electrodes (it might even become the "in" thing to do) which might render the wearer sexually potent at any time; that might put him to sleep or keep him awake, according to his need; that might curb his appetite if he wanted to lose weight; that might relieve him of pain; that might give him courage when he was fearful, or render him tranquil when he was enraged.

The notion of a man controlling his own brain is one thing. But the prospect that a man's brain might be controlled by another man is something else again—not to mention the control of masses of people by a few powerful individuals. Delgado, for one, does not take this latter possibility too seriously. He admits that—through such practices as requiring blood tests before marriage, compulsory smallpox vaccination, and fluoridation and chlorination of our drinking water—governments "have established a precedent of official manipulation of our personal biology."

He sees, too, that "governments could try to control general behavior or to increase the happiness of citizens by electronically influencing their brains." But, "fortunately," he concludes, "this prospect is remote, if not impossible, not only for obvious ethical reasons, but also because of its impracticability.

Theoretically it would be possible to regulate aggressiveness, productivity, or sleep by means of electrodes implanted in the brain, but this technique requires specialized knowledge, refined skills, and a detailed and complex exploration in each individual, because of the existence of anatomical and physiological variability. The feasibility of mass control of behavior by brain stimulation is very unlikely, and the application of intracerebral electrodes in man will probably remain highly individualized and restricted to medical practice."...
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