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ISS, Space the last frontier or something
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12-22-2018 12:10 AM

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teach ISS, Space the last frontier or something
Black line: Diameter of Earth in kilometers = 12742 Km

Red line: Distance of minimum height of the ISS in its orbit = 330 Km

Green line: Distance of maximum height of the ISS in its orbit = 435 Km

Purple Circle: Earth

So you think the ISS is "in Space" and "out there" and such sh*t???

It is just very very near to Earth surface as the graphic clearly shows. The graphic
has been done with perfect scale.

or the humans get fried as eggs in a pan.

NASA is a f*cking joke

[Image: ISS-Earth-Distance.png]
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12-22-2018 02:59 AM


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RE: ISS, Space the last frontier or something
are you trying to say micro gravity isn't space?

come on man water experiments in micro gravity are going to save humanity...…

lol the real problem is there is no way to make a stabilized space station outside of earths gravity, the whole spinning station thing is garbage, sure things will eventually stick to a surface but the minute you drop something touch down hard try to throw things a partner, the whole concept falls apart without always wearing mag shoes or something strapping you down, even then the small items will still have the problems mentioned before. and since they already killed a bunch of people in full oxygen environment its going to pretty much be impossible without wearing suits and magnetic shoes of some sort 24/7 except maybe for bathing/sleeping

another 300 hundred years after we are done growing opium in Afghanistan we might have the money to go to the moon again, or mars, and after they find the data they lost lol.
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12-23-2018 02:34 AM

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RE: ISS, Space the last frontier or something
Nothing alive continues alive after going through van allen belt radiation (and no, in the poles is not minimum but maximum van allen belts, more concentrated there, NASA lies with their graphics). The ships of the secret space program go through van allen belts because have a total toroidal magnetic-gravitic shielding.

Then also a human body can't be in health without something that imitates what Schuman resonance is doing, is like the clock of the body, without something acting as a clock the body goes in chaos and death happens. This is known and being used in the secret space program.
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