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My Apology to Disturbed
Lleo Oneiro
Pope Lleo
User ID: 455848
12-23-2018 02:47 AM

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My Apology to Disturbed
You are right. I am wrong.

I want to apologize. For being stupid.

For not acknowledging your authority here.

I now see you are someone to be feared and respected.

Lleo Oneiro Ph.q ∵ Huèmon 7:4 Counsoul | (blaqoq [illfigja TSiNtheisT]) doappope tRav.iS AL An DONAi(l)d 道 Aloha Nαmαsté ॐ नमः शिवाय السلام عليكم שָׁלוֹם audio metamorphosis 004 completion of life • ILLE DUEM DUES ILLUM VOCAT #MSK

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